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PORTO. Jardim à Vista. Our new adventure.


The beautiful city of Porto lies along the Douro River. Home to Port wine, street art, and “francesinhas,” Porto is one of the world’s top 100 cities with the most international visitors. Over 1 million tourists visit Porto every year, as well as thousands of digital nomads and remote workers looking to make the city a temporary home. One of the oldest in Europe, Porto’s old town in the city center has been a UNESCO World Heritage site since 1996! It is no surprise that Porto is a city with a rich history and culture. Last year, we decided to add the wonderful city to our list of properties and were lucky enough to find a very exclusive area to invest in.  Jardim à Vista is a small studio apartment located in the central area of Porto, along one of the oldest streets (dating back to 1761) undergoing regeneration, now filled with vibrant bars and special restaurants, all on your doorstep.  Check it out!

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Jardim à Vista

"Jardim à Vista" from our Nomad's Lux collection is a studio apartment with excellent dimensions and amenities located on Rua do Almada in Porto. It is a remarkable apartment due to its space, central location, and tranquility.


It has been decorated and equipped by its owners with attention to various details: a fully equipped kitchen with plenty of utensils, just like being at home. A work desk, washing machine with all the accessories for independent living, a safe, and many other details that will not fail to surprise and make us feel at home.


Book and stay close to everything, right on Rua do Almada, while fully enjoying a very quiet apartment facing west to enjoy a stunning sunset. Either for a short break in Porto or a 'digital nomad' longer stay.

Click here to check the availability and pricing with our hosting agency in Porto,  Nomads.

Our mission to you

Like all our properties, we want you to feel 'right at home' when you stay with us, either on a short city break or a longer-term 'working' adventure. Jardim à Vista comes fully equipped with everything for your stay, and being located in the heart of Porto, everything you need, shops, restaurants, culture, bars, and nightlife, all here on your doorstep.

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